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HyloForte 10mL

HYLO-FORTE® lubricating eye drops for severe or chronic dry eye and post operative use.• Preservative-free.• Phosphate-free - avoids corneal calcification.• Delivers at least 300 sterile drops through the unique COMOD® multi-dose application system.• 6 month use-up period after opening.• . . .Read more

Lacritec 60 Capsules

Lacritec uses a proprietary blend of DHA and EPA Omega 3 essential fatty acids from fish oil, ALA Omega 3 essential fatty acid from Flaxseed Oil, and GLA Omega 6 essential fatty acid from Borage Oil.These ingredients reduce lacrimal gland inflammation, resulting in improved tear production and reduc . . .Read more

Macutec Once Daily 60 Caps

For patients who prefer to take one capsule per day.Contains all the proven AREDS-2 ingredients, with the reduced zinc level to 25mg.Note: AREDS2 findings suggested that: Reducing zinc to a daily dose of 25mg made minimal difference in effectiveness to the original daily dose of 80mg of zinc. Howeve . . .Read more