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How to save money when buying contact lenses

How To Save Money When Buying Contact Lenses

If you aren't one of the millions of people that wear corrective lenses or contacts, consider yourself lucky.  Contact lenses and corrective lenses can end up costing you quite a bit of money in the long and short run, and sometimes they can be annoying.  Albeit they are magical little products that allow you to see, having something on your face or in your eyes all the time, can be a bit disconcerting.  Nonetheless, if you ARE one of the millions of people that wear lenses or glasses, you know that sometimes this can become quite an expensive situation!  If you've ever wondered if there was a way to get cheaper contacts or glasses, continue reading below for more information.

Ask Your Doctor For Advice

In some cases, depending on where you get your contacts, your doctor might be the best person to ask for a place to get cheaper contact lenses.  Usually, when you visit a doctor you will be given an exam, and, then they can figure out what types of contact lenses you should need and the strength you will need.  Afterward, you will be written a prescription.  What some places don't tell you though is that you don't HAVE to get their contact lenses.  You can just take that prescription and go someplace else.  In some instances, you might feel like you are being forced to buy their contact lenses or from a company they deal with.  But, if you have a friendly doctor that can empathize with the cost you have to pay, he or she might be willing to offer up a solution.  Sometimes if they can, they will even give you a discount for the lenses right then and there.  It's worth asking!

Use The Internet

You can buy contact lenses online such as from our store.  In fact, a lot of people say that this is THE cheapest and easiest way to get contacts.  One of the reasons why they offer such good prices is because they are trying to compete with other websites. As practicing optometrists we can also provide custom advice to each one of our customers.  You will, in most cases, still need a prescription though. But even then, if you have the prescription, and you already have taken an eye exam, you can easily go online and buy contact lenses that won't create a hole in your wallet!  Most of these sites online have a large range of types, sizes, and even colors.  All you need to do is tell them your measurements for the contacts and the strength, and you can buy them.  

Price Matching

If you went to the ophthalmologist already and decided not to buy contact lenses just yet, but you have the prescription, you can look online and find a lower price than you were quoted by your doctor.  Some doctors offer a price matching guarantee where they will meet or beat the price you found on the Internet.  Something to think about if you are trying to get the best possible price.

Look For Digital Coupons

If you want to buy contact lenses online, try also to look at a few websites like like ours and see if the store or website you wish to buy from has a digital coupon.  Facebook often is a good place to source digital coupons and is one of the most popular.  You could save a certain percentage on the contact lenses like 10 or 15% off, or you might even find certain shipping deals like free shipping or free shipping on orders over $50. We currently offer free shipping on all orders over $199.

If you wear contact lenses, you have probably been in the same boat as a lot of other people – that is, stressing about the financial aspects of it as they are an ongoing consumable item that only gets more expensive. The good news is you can buy up in bulk and save and avoid prices increases in the future.

You have to get the contact lenses because they are going to help you see, but the cost is sometimes too much to handle.  If you try some of the methods above, you can probably find an excellent deal that will save you some money while still allowing you to get the contact lenses you need.