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What causes dry eyes and how can I prevent it?

What Causes Dry Eyes

Aging and Antidepressants are several causes of dry eyes, contact Lenses can also cause dry eyes.

Tears are a necessary part of good eye health as they continuously bathe the eyes and wash out dust or other debris that might be collecting. They keep the eye from growing bacteria or other germs. There are several causes of dry eyes where not enough tears are being produced; or they evaporate too quickly.

One cause could be menopause or the natural aging process. If you take antihistamines or antidepressants, you also might experience a drying of the eyes. Do you live in a dusty or windy climate, or work in air conditioning or have a very dry heating system? Are you on birth control pills?

People who don’t blink enough might also experience dry eye. The computer screen can cause us to just stare and do our work and not give our eye a chance to rest. If you have been wearing your contact lenses for a long time you can also experience dry eyes.

That is why we recommend the frequent use of eye drops and lubricants to assist with the condition of dry eyes.

Eye doctors say this is the most common complaint among contact lens wearers. You might want to switch contacts and see if the problem clears. Dry eye syndrome can be very uncomfortable so the doctor might prescribe artificial tears.

If the eye is dry because of environmental reasons, wear sunglasses when going outside. Purchase a humidifier for the indoors if your atmosphere is too dry. The eye problem may also be nutritional so eat more cold water fish and your eyes may clear up.

If you are considering LASIK surgery, you might not be a candidate and be sure to make sure you physician takes care of the dry eye problems before you even think about the surgery procedure.

How Can I Prevent It

Contact lenses are great. They help you see and rid you of having to wear glasses. But, sometimes you can run into issues such as dry eyes.  If you've ever had contacts and had this happen to you and you were a beginner at contact lenses, you may have said you were never going to wear them again.  Or perhaps you are a seasoned vet and have had your contacts for years, and once in a blue moon you've had this happen – you might not know why you just know it's annoying!  Primarily when it comes to contact lenses, dryness or discomfort can occur for any number of reasons.  One thing you should know is that caring for and maintaining your contacts is always important.  It doesn't matter if you have had them for a week or 10 years!  The guidelines in which your doctor gave you will keep the contacts like new will prevent them from getting cracked or torn, and they will keep your eyes from getting swollen, red, itchy, dry or worse – infected.  Here are a few tips you should be aware of if you've ever experienced dry eyes and how to fix it.

Poor Fit

Obviously, if you have had these contacts or this particular size for a while now, it's probably not that the fit is wrong.  But, if you are newer to contacts, you might not have the proper size.  You have to remember that the contacts are unique to you just like your eyes are unique in shape and size to you as well.  Initially, when you went to the eye care business, they should have measured your eyes to make sure that you had a proper size.  If they did not do this, you might want to call them and tell them you are having issues.  You can usually tell when your contacts don't fit right because of dryness in the eyes, slight irritation, pain, fluctuations in vision or it might feel like you've got something in your eye.  Once you call your eye care provider, they should re-examine your eyes and re-take the measurements to make sure that they have the right fit.

Dry Eyes Because Of The Contact Lenses

While contact lenses are amazing, they also can make it to where your eyes don't produce enough lubrication to keep your eyes wet and moist.  If you wear contacts and have experienced dryness while they are in your eyes, or while they are out, consider buying a lubricating or rewetting solution.  You can find these in most stores offline, but if you decided to buy contact lenses online you should also be able to find some rewetting solutions on the site you bought the contacts from, or you can try another website like Amazon. 

Environmental Issues

If you live in a location with a lot of smog or dust these things can make your eyes dry and in conjunction with the lack of wetness that contacts can cause, you might begin to experience things like itchiness, redness, dryness and irritation to your eyes.  To fix something like this, please consider cleaning your contacts more than just before bed and after you wake up.  You also might want to start doing a midday cleaning right before or after lunch to make sure that you remove any build up on the lenses.  Also, if you have one use daily wear contacts, ensure that you are disposing of these when you are supposed to. 

If you have other symptoms not mentioned here, such as oozing, puss, or any discharge is coming from your eye, you have an infection that needs to be checked out immediately.  Call the doctor you got the contacts from and make an appointment to see him and make sure that you leave the contacts out until you go to the appointment!