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Why do my eyes get sore when using contact lenses

Why do my eyes get sore when using contact lenses

In the same way, your car lets you know something is wrong by putting up signals of light on the dash panel; your body often will let you know when something is wrong in your body – these are signals and signs you should be aware of but also should pay attention to! Contact lenses for example.  A lot of people wear them; millions in fact.  But, in some cases, these contact lenses can cause discomfort in your eyes.  If this happens, this should be something that you pay attention to and take it seriously.  If you put contacts in your eyes, and you suddenly start to feel like your eyes are bothering you, are dry, or you feel any discomfort or pain, follow these steps to try and fix it:

Remove And Clean The Contacts

If only one of your contacts is bothering you, remove that contact, place it in the palm of your hand, and drop some solution onto it.  Rub and rinse.  Then, flip the contact over on the other side and repeat.  You can also use a sterile saline solution to squirt your eye.  Once you place the contact back in your eye see how that makes you feel.  Chances are if its okay now, you probably had an eyelash or a fuzz that made its way on to your contact and somehow get underneath it.  This can be an aggravating feeling but if you leave it as is and don't take the contact out, it will only get worse, and sometimes it can even tear the lens.

Inspect Your Contact Lenses

Whether you buy your contact lenses online, or you bought them in a store offline, your contacts aren't made of steel!  They aren't fooling proof.  And sometimes accidents can happen.  Sometimes you might find yourself with an uncomfortable feeling in your eye.  It might feel like you have something in your eye, but you cleaned it and found nothing.  Perhaps its red, itchy or swollen.  You've tried everything but just can't figure it out.  Well, you might have a tear in your lens.  It does happen, especially if you are new to contact lenses and don't yet know the warning signs of fuzz or an eyelash, or you handle them roughly when cleaning them.  Make sure you take the lenses out and inspect them.  The tear could be as small as a pinhead or as large as the entire diameter of the lens.  If you've found that the lens has been torn or scratched, please don't put it back in your eye.  Instead, throw it out, get a new one and place that in your eye.

If you don't see any scratches or tears, and you made sure to rub and rinse and found no fuzzies, hairs or eyelashes, and you've placed the contact lenses back in your eyes only to be met with more uncomfortable feelings – something might be wrong with your eyes.  Make sure that you take the contact lenses out and place them in their case.  Then, call your ophthalmologist you got the lenses from or if you chose to buy contact lenses online call the website and tell them you are having eye issues.  Also, make sure to tell them you tried the options above and are still feeling discomfort.

Your ophthalmologist will ask you to come in so he or she can examine your eyes and make sure that you don't have a serious issue such as a corneal abrasion, an infection or even a corneal ulcer.  These problems can cause many other problems, even blindness which is why it's so important to take take of your contacts.  Please, don't wait, call your Doctor so that you can get taken care of today.