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How to care for your new contact lenses

Contact lenses are worn every single day by millions of people, and while they are safe to wear, sometimes they do carry the risk of getting an infection. This mainly occurs when the wearer does not take care of the contact lenses properly or the case that they put them in.

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How to save money when buying contact lenses

If you are not one of the millions of people that have to wear corrective lenses or contact lenses, consider yourself lucky. Contact lenses and corrective lenses can end up costing you quite a bit of money in the long and short run, and sometimes they can be annoying.

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What causes dry eyes and how can I prevent it?

Tears are a necessary part of good eye health as they continuously bathe the eyes and wash out dust or other debris that might be collecting. They keep the eye from growing bacteria or other germs. There are several causes of dry eyes read more about this here.

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Why do my eyes get sore when using contact lenses

In the same way, your car lets you know something is wrong by putting up signals of light on the dash panel; your body often will let you know when something is wrong in your body – these are signals and signs you should be aware of but also should pay attention to!

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